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Hello there, you want to design a website? I can help you with that. I have been Junior Web Developer over a year now. My skill is that I am good with Content Management System (CMS). My best skill in develop a website are using Joomla, WordPress and HTML5 website. I also could build a website using PHP but in the mean time I stick with CMS because nowadays CMS is a fast making website that many company used. Here I provide my past portfolio for the website that I develop: Portfolio

I am here to provide a service which is that I become a consultant to the client in choosing a website that he/she like to develop. What I means is that, I tell my client which is the best price for server that he or she wanted to used and then I discuss with them either they want to used Joomla or WordPress. I only take charges for develop the website only.

Here are the costing


Basic Website Development


(Depend on how many content client want to put)

(This web development do not include for E-commerce Web Development)

All of this cost do not include server costing, as I mention early I only consult client and I will help them develop a website that they want.

If you like this than you can E-mail me for further inquiries at: